What is the Dirt Dispatch?

This modest little Internet website is a place where I express my thoughts and opinions on all things related to gravel cycling and mountain biking. The MTB stuff will tilt toward cross-country.

Who is writing this?

You might know me from VeloNews, where I edited the website and co-hosted the VeloNews Show, as well as the VeloNews Podcast. A lot of people seem to remember that time I rode the Leadville 100 MTB on a 1983 Specialized Stumpjumper.

I also did a stint at The Pro’s Closet, writing and editing articles over there. I rode to Kansas with Alex Howes one time; that was cool. I also produced and hosted this fun video series called “Shop Talk.” Like any good comedy show, it got canned before its time, but oh well, what can you do?

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Bikes are better on dirt! My takes on gravel cycling & mountain biking.


Spencer Powlison

Bikes! Gravel, MTB, Zwift, and maybe even road. Looking for some hot takes? I've got 'em!